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Get Soaked Bath Salts

Get Soaked Bath Salts

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When you really need a time out, nothing helps like a soak in the tub. And, what you add to your bath makes even more of a difference. Our Get Soaked! bathing salts have the ingredients and fragrance to take the edge right off. Your bath will be soft, fragrant and extremely relaxing.

Relax and enjoy the rejuvenating effects of Natural Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, Sugar, Rose Petals and Lavender buds, Jojoba, Honey, Gentle Fragrance, Vitamin E and Vegetable colorant.

Enjoy the heavy glass jar which goes with any decor and is totally reusable. A muslin bag is also provided, to hold the amount of Salts you wish to use. Hang the bag containing the Salts from the water spigot or simply drop into the tub. This will disperse the softening action of the Salts and fragrance. Simply relax and let it work!

Buying more than one?

Use coupon code "gosoak" at checkout to get $1 off each bottle!

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