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Welcome to Soapberry Botanicals!

Soapberry Botanicals began in 1992 as an expression of passion for great fragrance. Having tried almost every type of potpourri product on the market and seeing how briefly (and poorly) they performed, it was clear that something much more effective was needed.

Thus, after much research and trial, Soapberry was born. Soapberry was arguably the first crystal potpourri product in Texas and remains today, long after any knock-offs died away. Our very special chunky, natural crystals, along with perfume grade fragrance oils, combine to offer fragrance that lasts for years. All you do is maintain the crystals occasionally with our matching oils. Very low maintenance!

This uniquely beautiful and long lasting crystal potpourri goes on into our 4th decade. And by popular demand, in addition to the many rich and delightful fragrances that we offer, other related products have been created through the years.

They include: 100% natural Soy candles, Handmade Cold Process Soaps, Automotive Votives, Get Soaked (bathing salts), Diffuser products, Filter Fragrances and Fragrance Oils.

Please remember, we make your order after it is placed, assuring you of the freshest and most fragrant products available!

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