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four half ounce filter fragrance bottles with droppers

Filter Fragrance

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Our Filter Fragrances are an easy fix to achieve very subtle whole house scent. Simply place 3-4 droppers of our product directly on your disposable a/c filter. When air is drawn into the system, very gentle fragrance is sent throughout your home, via your ducting! Our product contains your favorite fragrance oil and a natural humectant to decrease evaporation time. If you have a gigantic home, or zoned a/c, adjust number of droppers as necessary. Light fragrance will last a week, at least! Works just as well with heat. Choose your favorite fragrance, but please do not mix unrelated scents on the same filter.

Bonus! The Filter Fragrance is also a double-sized version of our Fragrance Oil! By popular request, we are pleased to offer this size with a dropper to re-fragrance your crystal potpourri. You may also use it in your bath water or any other way that you have used the small size through the years. The added dropper makes it very easy to direct the oil placement.

Soapberry is not responsible for damage or injury to person or property for misuse of products. For fragrancing use only.

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