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Crystal Potpourri

Our beautiful and much loved crystal potpourri is truly the mainstay of the line, made from natural, chunky sea salts and related botanicals. Remember, the crystals (not the botanicals) hold the fragrance and gradually release it over time. When maintained with our matching fragrance oils, the potpourri will last (really!) for years. Sold in 32 ounce increments, two pounds will lightly fragrance 2 large baths, a large bedroom or kitchen, or a medium living area. Simply place the crystal potpourri in your favorite bowl, vase, teacup or non-metallic container. Also excellent in your car or RV, in an open plastic bag under the seat. Place a small bag by the kitty litter, diaper pail, or A/C intake. Great in a musty closet or storage area. Never mix new fragrances on old, instead, simply recharge using our matching oils!