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three stacked wickless candles for use in cars, trucks and RVs

Automotive Votive

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Our Automotive Votive is quite the multi-tasker. 

As an 8 ounce, wickless soy candle, it was originally created to be used in autos and RV's, whereby the heat of the sun releases the fragrance. Yet, more and more customers are taking the Automotive Votive to work and scenting their office or cubicle 
on a candle or wax warmer. They use either a candle warmer or simply set it on their desks. The third use is that of natural skin softener. 

Soy is such a wonderful thing: Gentle and non-greasy, you can reach in and take a bit of the scented wax. Use on hands or rough patches. It works beautifully! If the fragrance in the AV begins to ebb, simply thoroughly melt and stir. The fragrance returns! 

Also in
cludes a sticky dot to anchor the Votive when used in your car.

Due to our wild Texas weather, this item cannot be shipped between May 15 and October 1

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